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Sarah Michelle Gellar -
AOL Transcript (May 1993)

OnlineHost: Sarah Michelle Gellar joined ALL MY CHILDREN in March, 1993, in the role of Kendall Hart, the bad-seed daughter whom Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) had given up at birth for adoption. This year, Sarah received her second Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress for her role as Kendall.

OnlineHost: Although she's only 18, Sarah has an impressive list of acting credentials. She is best known for her starring role as Sydney Rutledge in the syndicated soap opera "Swan's Crossing." Other television work includes the role of young Jackie Kennedy in the miniseries "A Woman Named Jackie," and guest appearances on "Spenser: For Hire," and "Love, Sydney."

OnlineHost: In the relatively short period of time that Sarah has been playing Kendall, she has certainly caused her share of problems for the residents of Pine Valley. Seeming to move from one scheme to the next, Kendall always proves to be her own worst enemy. With her latest scam falling flat and costing her her marriage, will Kendall finally change her wicked ways?

OnlineHost: ALL MY CHILDREN viewers have taken to Kendall as the character they "love to hate." Get your questions ready to find out about the actress behind the role and learn what makes Sarah, and Kendall tick. We will start momentarily.


ABCStar: Welcome everyone! This is ABCJoanne and AMC's Sarah Michelle Gellar is sitting right here next to me. She just finished taping the show for the day and came right over to meet her cyberspace fans. Here we go....

Question: My favorite sceens that you were in was during the Tornado in Pine Valley, I was wondering was the fun to shoot. I also like your realsonship with Janet on the show, are you guys good friends in real life.

Sarah: The tornado was fun to shoot but it was also very long and very tiring --but well worth it And yes, Robin Mattson (Janet) and I are good friends. I like any excuse to go to her house and eat her cooking --especially her vichysoise!

Question: How do you and Susan Lucci get along in real life?

Sarah: Susan and I work very well together and have a good professional relationship.

Question: Can I Talk to Sarah Michelle Gellar?

Sarah: Yes--please talk to me! LOL!!

Question: How do you like playing the beautiful young villain of Pine Valley?

Sarah: Thank you for the compliment! I wouldn't want to play anyone else. It's always good to be bad.

Question: Sarah, do you get along with all the members of the cast?

ABCStar: Do you get along with everyone in your family? Seriously, we have a wonderful cast but when you work as closely as we do, inevitably you have problems. But, on the whole, I can't imagine a better group of people to work with.

Question: Is there anyway to get autographed pictures of you? You and Hayley are my favorites. If possible please let me know, thank you.

Sarah: First of all, you can download photos of us from the AMC photo gallery in the ABC Daytime Online area. Also, you can write to me at AMC, 320 West 66th Street, NY, NY 10023.

Question: Sarah - I think you're great as Kendall!!! How did you get the part on the show and what other work have you done?

Sarah: I auditioned for the show and screen-tested with Susan Lucci (Erica Kane). Before this, I was on Swan's Crossing, I played Jackie Kennedy on "A Woman Named Jackie," the mini-series, and I worked with Matthew Broderick and Eric Stoltz in "The Widow Claire" on Broadway. Small world -- I'm now working with Chris Lawford who is a Kennedy.

Question: Welcome to AOL :-) You have such beautiful hair! Why did you cut it? It still looks great now though.

Sarah: Like every teen-ager, I got bored with it.

Question: What is Kendall going to do now that they have kicked her out of pine Valley

Sarah: It's impossible to kick Kendall out of Pine Valley! It looks like Kendall has now set her sights on Del and is picking up the pieces of her life. Don't ever think she's down and out!

Question: What is your real age and where are you originally from?

ABCStar: I'm eighteen years old and I am a born and bred New Yorker. I went to Professionals Childrens School in Manhattan which is a school for not just actors but also for musicians dancers, athletes, etc.

Question: Sarah - Would you like to see Kendall and Erica have a real Mother and Daughter relationship? Seems like a possibility if Erica has a long recovery from back injury.

Sarah: I guess it's going to be a longgggggggggggggggggggg recovery. But truly, how boring would that be!

Question: Do you have any siblings? Just curious as an only child myself.

Sarah: I'm a member of that club too.

Question: Sarah....I am 17 year old theater hopeful...I know that you started on AMC at about this age....can you give any tips as to how to get started??? I have been taking classes for years...thanks.

Sarah: My best advice is to pursue local theater and keep working.

Question: What direction would you like to see Kendall taken in on the show?

Sarah: I was thinking of Mayor of Pine Valley and the host of "The Cutting Edge with Kendall Hart

Question: Are there restrictions ABC has regarding your real age as to what they can have you do as Kendall?

Sarah: There's nothing that Kendall hasn't done!

Question: I think you're great Sarah! Do you ever read the AMC boards?

Sarah: Yes--whenever we have a free moment at work, we all read them. And, sometimes, we even chat with you but you don't know it.


Sarah: Thank you. Those episodes were a special tribute from all of us to the wonderful Fra Heflin, who played Mona. It's nice to know that they were as special to you as they were to us.


Sarah: You think I'm horrible? LOL.

Question: So what kind of tidbits can you give us that go on behind the scenes? KristiC734 Eva LaRue just gave birth to Elvis's three-headed baby on a UFO! I am an admirer of your acting. Am pleased just to be able to talk to you. How did you get where you are today??

Sarah: I took the elevator to the fifth floor and followed the signs!

Question: I loved ya in Swan's Crossing, you're a babe! Being an actor myself, what was the toughest part about playing such an alienated charactar on ALL MY CHILDREN. Did you have any childhood memories to reflect upon?

Sarah: Seventh grade was a traumatic year for me...

Question: Who is Kendall's father?

Sarah: Kendall's father was Richard Fields.

Question: How much of Sarah is Kendall and how much of Kendall is Sarah?

Sarah: I like to think that Sarah is very little of Kendall.

Question: As such a young actress, is working mostly with adults fun, hard, worrisome or none of the above? David DAVID6892

ABCStar: None of the above. Sometimes I think my castmates are younger than me.