FAITH: Hello? BUFFY: Hey Baby, what's up? FAITH: Yo B, I missed that sexy voice of yours BUFFY: You know it. Hey, my mom is out of Town for a while. You want to come over and spend the time I have without her, together? FAITH: Really? Count me in! BUFFY: Ok, see you in a little while. ----------------------------------- Faith makes her way up to Buffy's door with a small box in her hand. Buffy opens up the door with a smile on her face. FAITH: Hey, oh um, this is for you. Faith hands Buffy the box, and scratches the top of her head lightly. Buffy takes the box, and opens the door wider, allowing the brunette slayer to walk inside. BUFFY: Come in. Faith shuts the door behind her. Buffy begins opening the box. Soon she reveals a silver braclet with the words "Yours Forever" written on it. Buffy's eyes light up at the sight of this precious gift. No one has ever given her something like this, expect for Angel, but he was gone. She knew at this moment that she wanted Faith. FAITH: I know it's kind of corny, but I just wanted to show you how I-- Buffy stops Faith from speaking by placing her finger over Faith's lips. She removes her finger and gently moves closer to the brown eyed slayer. BUFFY: Make love to me, Faith. Faith unsure of what Buffy says, preceeds to speak. FAITH: Wha....huh? Buffy takes Faith's hand and walks her up the stairs into her bedroom. She sits on her bed looking deep into the eyes of Faith. BUFFY: Make love to me. FAITH: Buffy, I...uh, you know I want to but, I thought that you wanted to take things slow and wait until you are truly ready for this. Buffy slowly stands up off the bed and interlaces her fingers with Faith's in both hands. She looks into her eyes and speaks. BUFFY: I am ready. I want you Faith. I want you now. I want to make love to you. Buffy sits back on the bed, slowly removing her shirt. Faith watches her every move. Buffy takes Faith by the arms and pulls her onto the bed and on top of her. Faith and Buffy engage in a passonite kiss. Faith moves her hands all over Buffy's body. Buffy moans softly.
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