"Hello?" "Hey Wil, you're coming tonight, right?" spoke Buffy "Oh, yeah, of couse! I wouldn't miss it. Last time you had a sleepover was.. umm.. well. That's the point! I can't even remember when the last time was, so I'm all for it." "Cool! Faith and Cordelia should be here soon." "Cordelia!?!?" Willow said surprised. "Cordelia is sleeping over? That's, well, I'm in shock, and don't know what to say, but it's well... sorta weird." "Well," Buffy spoke, "We kinda bonded after that whole life or death situation at homecoming. We're not the best of friends, but hey, it's a start" "Ok, cool. Well, I'll be over soon." "Alright, see ya then, Wil" "Bye" ------------------ "Hey Girlfriend" Faith said as Buffy answered the door. Buffy quickly pulls Faith by the shirt, and slams the door behind her. She attacks Faith's mouth with her tongue. After a moment of kissing, Buffy finally pulls away. "I never thought you'd get her" Buffy said pulling Faith to the couch. "Umm.. B, if I'm not mistaken, you did say 8:00pm, right?" Faith said Confused. "Yeah, I know.. but it's just I haven't seen you for two days, so it feels like forever! I missed you." "Aww" Faith started, "I missed you too baby. Any minute I'm not with you, I think about you and miss you. But, I'm here now. Too bad we can't get it on tonight though, you know, since your friends don't know about us." "Well," Buffy began. "We can have a little action right now" Buffy raised her eyebrows, waiting for a reply. Faith grinned at her raising one eyebrow. "I love the way you think, Slayer!" Buffy pushes Faith's back to the couch. She gently moves her hands all over the brown-eyed slayer's body. She placed her hands under Faith's shirt and then quickly removed it. "Hey, let me help you out", Faith said as she sat up and unhooked her bra. Buffy begins caressing her breasts, and gently cups the left one sucking it gently. "Oh god, Buffy, that feels.. ohh" Suddenly there is a knock at the door. "Oh Shit", Buffy exclaims, as she throws Faith back her shirt, "Hurry up, and put it back on" Faith shoots Buffy a sexy grin, "We'll finish this later!" Buffy smiles back at her. ------------------ Buffy, Faith, Cordelia, and Willow all gather around the TV. Buffy is rolled up in a ball on the couch with her head resting on a pillow on the arms of the couch. Faith is sitting up next to her. Willow and Cordelia are both lying on their stomachs up on their elbow. The group is paying close attention to the movie, "In Dreams". "God, can this movie be anymore disturbing" Cordelia started, "Now I'll never be able to sleep because that 'Guy' is gonna be in my mind the whole time." "Cordy, just shut up and watch the movie, ok"? Buffy said. "Ok, ok, I'll be quiet. I just don't understand this movie." Cordelia said. "Why couldn't we get something a little less freaky." She mutters under her breath. The girls are all quiet again. Every once and a while Faith and Buffy give each other looks. Faith finally stops the silence when she reaches out to tickle Buffy's feet. "Stop!" Buffy says as she giggles.
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